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Grizzly Turbo Featured
Part # Application Cross Part # Description Product
5326058 2013-2018 Dodge/Ram Trucks - 6.7L EPA 13 3794756, 4309356, 4352218, 5326055, 5327045, 532704500, 5501330, 68210648AA, 68212738AA, 68297874AA, 68321377AA, 68253983AA Reman Turbocharger
5327046 2013-2018 Dodge/Ram Trucks - 6.7L Cab & Chassis Only EPA 13 5326054, 5326057, 5327046HX, 532704600, 5326057HX, 5501329 Reman Turbocharger
3770973 2007-2012 Dodge/Ram Trucks - 6.7L EPA 07 3799840H, 532234400, 5322344, 5325950H, R8048234AH, R8048234AI Reman Turbocharger
4032772HX 2007.5-2012 Dodge/Ram Trucks - 6.7L 4034315H, 4034315HX, 4034315RX, 4032772 Holset Brand Reman Actuator (Requires Calibration)
5494878H 2013-2018 Dodge/Ram Trucks - 6.7L 68307025AA, 4034309H, 4034309, 403430900, 4034309H, 403430900, 4034309 Holset Brand New Actuator (Requires Calibration) (Some Applications May Require Pigtail Adapter # 5347703H)
2842765 2007-2012 Dodge/Ram Trucks - 6.7L EPA 07 2842765 Reman Turbocharger Exhaust Outlet Pipe
4043600 2004.5-2006 Dodge/Ram Trucks - 5.9L 05135784AA, 05135784AB, 05143256AA, 4037001, 4037002, 4089673, 408979700, R5135784AB, R5143256AA Reman Turbocharger
12709901038 2008-2010 6.4L Ford F-Series 1848303C1, 1848303C2, 1848303C3, 4307200R1, 8C3Z6K682B, 8C3Z6K682BARM, 8C3Z6K682DARM Reman High Pressure Turbo without Actuator
479523 2008-2010 6.4L Ford F-Series 1700702139, 1848301C1, 4307201R1, 8C3Z6K682A, 8C3Z6K682AARM Reman Low Pressure Turbocharger
479030 2003-2008 International/Navistar 7.6L DT466, MAXXFORCE DT 1842337C92, 1842582C97, 1842582C95, 1842582C94, 1842582C96, 1842337c91, 1842582C93, 1842582c91, 1842337C95, 1842337C94, 1842582C92, 1842337C93, 5010314R94, 5010314R95, 5010314R96, 5010581R91, 1842582C98, 1870932C94, 1870932C92, 1870932C91, 1870932C93 Reman ITEC S300V110 Turbocharger
479032 2003-2008 International/Navistar 7.6L MAXXFORCE DT466, I313 1842216C94, 1842216C91, 1842216C93, 1842216C95, 5010575R91, 1842216C92, 1842580C93, 1870931C91, 1870931C92, 1870931C93, 5010313R94, 1870931C94 Reman ITEC S300V111 Turbocharger
479035 2005-2012 International/Navistar 6.7L MAXXFORCE DT466, I313 1850404C95, 5010569R91, 1871090C93, 1871090C92, 1871090C91, 1832204C91, 1832204C94, 5010568R91, 1832204C92, 1832204C93 Reman ITEC S300V129 Turbocharger
12709900008 2009-2012 International/Navistar 13.0L MAXXFORCE 13, I783 3005699C92, 5011054R91, 3007665C92 Reman B2XG (High Pressure Turbocharger)
13879900004 2009-2014 International/Navistar 13.0L MAXXFORCE 11/13/15, I783 3005700C93, 3007664C94, 3005700C93, 5011058R91, 3014696C92, 3005700C92 Reman B3RS Low Pressure Turbocharger
12639900001 2005-2010 International/Navistar 7.6L MAXXFORCE DT466, I326 1881102C91, 1881102C92, 5010720R91, 1850493C91, 1881102C93, 1832666C91, 1876116C91, 1881104C93, 1881104C92, 1881104C91, 1876116C91, 1876116C93, 1876116C95, 1876116C96, 1876116c94 Reman B2UV Turbocharger
12639900002 2007 International/Navistar 7.6L MAXXFORCE DT466, I326 177535, 1850495C91, 1876118C96, 1876118C91, 1881105C93, 1876118C92, 1850495C91, 1876118C95, 1876118C94, 1876118C93, 1881105C92, 1881105C91, 5010722R91, 1872258C91, 1881106C92, 5010704R91, 1881106C93 Reman B2UV Turbocharger
12639900003 2005-2010 International/Navistar 9.3L MAXXFORCE 9, DT466, I326, I570 177537, 1877446C91, 1883556C92, 1881107C93, 1881107C91, 1881107C92, 1877634C96, 5010706R91, 5010724R91 Reman B2UV Turbocharger
11559900047 2010-2012 International/Navistar 7.6L MAXXFORCE DT466, I334 5010930R91, 1882868C1, 1882868C91, 1891557C93, 1889486C92 Reman R2S High Pressure Turbocharger
12749900075 2011+ 7.6L MAXXFORCE DT466, I334 899113C93, 5010936R91, 1889487C93, 1891392C92, 1891392C93, 179510 Reman B2FS Low Pressure Turbocharger
12749900076 2010-2012 International/Navistar 7.6L MAXXFORCE DT, I334 179511, 1891335C1, 1891335C93, 1889489C94 Reman B2FS,R2S Low Pressure Turbocharger
11559900048 2010 International/Navistar 6.4L MAXXFORCE 7, V179 179337, 1155 970 0050, 7080088C92, 5010803R92, 1897457C94 Reman B1UG (High Pressure Turbocharger)
12749900078 2010-2012 International/Navistar 6.4L MAXXFORCE 7, V152 179338, 5010808R92, 1897459C93, 1889568C93 Reman B2US Low Pressure Turbocharger
GA615N NEW Turbocharger Oil Drain Tube | 2010-2015 MAXXFORCE DT, 9, 10 1885590C93 Manufacturer Recommends replacing turbocharger oil drain line when replacing EGR cooler

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